On October 14th, we will celebrate Columbus Day two days late with our Kitsap County Commissioner, the Honorable Ed Wolfe. There are many changes taking place in our county, some good and some not so good such as more traffic all over the county. Ed is going to give his STATE of THE COUNTY address as he is Chairman of the Board of Commissioners this year. He will also tell us about a few accomplishments and, of course, Board priorities for 2020.

This should be a very interesting meeting. Hope to see you at the Cloverleaf.

President's Message

State Representative Jesse Young was our speaker in September. He gave a very interesting talk on the past legislative session. We came away with a greater understanding of how Olympia works, or doesn’t work.

Our Rummage Sale fundraiser was a huge success. Thank you to all of our members and relatives who contributed things, and worked the sale. A big THANK YOU to Lorrie Cook who hosted it at her home.

Girls Night Out will be October 3 at the Silverdale Best Western Hotel at 4 PM. It is always fun to visit and keep in contact with members throughout the month.

We women have a lot of silent support in our community for Republican ideals. We need to keep getting factual news, both local and national so we can keep informed. If you would care to join us to hear speakers tell us like it is, or if you have questions, feel free to contact us and/or meet with us.

Our next meeting will be October 14 at the Cloverleaf, 1240 Hollis St. in Bremerton. Come at 11 AM for social time and 11:30 for the meeting.


Here is a picture taken at the Kitsap County Republican Booth. We had a very busy booth, with lots of friendly Republicans passing by and making encouraging comments about our President Trump. We are in the tradition of Abraham Lincoln, less government and more freedom

Dates to Remember
  • Oct 3rd - LWV Port and City Candidates Forum
  • Oct 5th - Coffee Oasis Gala
  • Oct 14th - General Meeting
  • Nov 11th - General Meeting