President's Message

February 1 was Red Coat Day in Olympia. Red coats and jackets were worn by Republican women from all of our federation clubs in Washington State. We gather once a year to meet with our legislators and to learn the Republican agenda for the current session and to meet our legislators. The comraderie is wonderful and we encourage each other to share ideas. Pictured below are members.

CONGRATULATIONS.. Billie Jean Liedahl being sworn in as our Second Vice-President by former President Jan Stump. Best wishes, Billie Jean!

Some Bills of Interest

Capital Gains Tax – Even though our legislators have been warned that a capital gains tax is an income tax, and therefore forbidden by our state Constitution, our law-makers are still insist on pursuing it. One lawmaker stated that it was an excise tax. However, the IRS and all other states consider it an income tax. Let our legislators know how you feel about added taxes.

How About a Mileage Tax? The Washington State Transportation Commission is finishing a year-long pilot project to test the public’s reaction to taxing drivers per mile rather than at the gas-pump. The proposal is for 2.4 cents per mile. But how the money will be spent is fraught with problems. The state bureaucrats see the money as a new source of revenue to spend as they wish. This has all the makings of a big boondoogle. We citizens must insist that the money be dedicated to state highway infrastructure!

Low-Carbon Fuel Standard – Governor Inslee is at it again. He wants a “LCFS” similar to Oregon’s “LCFS” which he says is reasonable. However, Oregon data show that it imposes a high cost for the small amount of CO2 reduction.

The above information is taken from the Washington Policy Center.

Call your legislators! 1-800-562-1000

House Resolution 1 – is just what you would expect from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. Please read it. It shows who the Democrats are what they want in the new Congress.

Dates to Remember
  • Feb 11th - General Meeting
  • Feb 12th - Lincoln's Birthday
  • Feb 14th - Valentine's Day
  • Feb 22nd - Washington's Birthday
  • Mar 6th - Ash Wednesday
  • Mar 7th - Girl's Night Out
  • Mar 17th - St. Patrick's Day
  • Mar 30th - Lincoln Day Dinner