Our September 9 Meeting

Do you really want to know about the 2019 Washington legislative session? Here is your chance to learn about the issues and to question one of our legislators. Representative Jesse Young (District 26) will be our speaker. Jesse has represented the district since 2014 and has great insights into the various issues. He will give us an honest appraisal of the good bills that passed and those that our members wish had not passed. He can also give us some insights into what we should expect from the second year of the biennium.

Come at 11 AM for social time. The meeting begins at 11:30. As always, it is at the Cloverleaf Bar and Grill, 1240 Hollis St., Bremerton.

President's Message

Summer is a time for us to rest and enjoy the beautiful weather, but September is just around the corner. Our club has already enlisted a very informative and interesting list of speakers. Silverdale-Seabeck Republican Women offers many opportunities to women who wish to make a difference in Washington State and national politics. And, you have the opportunity to build friendships with a great group of ladies.

At our last Girls’ Night Out, fifteen women attended to share political talk and just have fun. I was reminded by one of our members that she feels we are a great group of women who support one another and that she is thankful to belong to our club.

Come in September! You’ll be happy you did!


In My Opinion

By Mary Lou Long

Recently there was a news article in the Spokesman-Review stating that union reps were pushing for private contract negotiations with government agencies.

It is strange to me that publicly-funded paychecks would not be transparent, open for discussion and approved by tax-payers. The tax-payers are, after all, the party being represented by the elected officials. Being a representative should surely require communication and approval from those same taxpayers. This should not only be during the campaign period, but it should extend throughout the contracted term.

The fact of the matter is, that if negotiations are done under the cloud of secrecy, it makes the entire process suspect to nefarious dealing and improper conduct. Unions are not all bad, but when they act as if there is something to hide, one has to think they are hiding something that the public would find unacceptable.

Dates to Remember
  • Aug 17th - SSRW rummage sale at Lorrie Cook's house, 9 AM to 5PM - (360) 471-7321
  • Aug 26th - Kitsap County Republican Party Office
  • Sep 5th - Girls' Night Out - 4 PM - Silverdale Best Western Motel
  • Sep 9th - General Meeting 11 AM. Speaker Jesse Young, Cloverleaf Sports Bar and Grill, 1240 Hollis, Bremerton
  • Oct 3rd - Girls' Night Out - Silverdale Best Wester Hotel
  • Oct 14th - General Meeting - Speaker Commissioner Ed Wolfe, Cloverleaf Sports Bar and Grill
  • Nov 7th - Girls' Night Out - Silverdale Best Western Hotel
  • Nov 11th - General Meeting 11 AM. Speaker Joyce Barry and Marry Serbousek: Report on National Convention and election of officers.