President's Message

One cannot help but be aware of politics this year. The first impeachment ruse is over, but there may be more to come. The Democrats are as nasty as ever and it is our duty as Republican women to educate and support our Republican candidates. This month, we will focus on two candidates who are challenging incumbents: Elizabeth Kreiselmaier, Ph.D. at the federal level (U.S. House of Representatives) and Alisha Beeler at the state level (26 th Legislative District).

We are proud to say that both of them are members of SSRW. Please read about them below and do whatever you can to support them!

Meet Dr. Elizabeth Kreiselmaier

Elizabeth Kreiselmaier, Ph.D. is a federal Republican Candidate for Washington’s 6 th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives, running against Derek Kilmer. Prompted to run in part as a result of all the impeachment-related dirty tricks, foul play, and stinking thinking going on in the U.S. House of Representatives, she is a “Mom on a Mission to Clean Up The House!” Elizabeth, along with her husband and son, have lived in Gig Harbor for the past 15 years. She is a Christian, constitutional, conservative who values faith, family, freedom and a strong economy where the safety and security of our citizens comes first. She believes President Trump is about the only thing standing between us and Socialism, and he can’t do it alone. He needs House Members who will back and not attack his pro-America agenda (as compared to what the current House has been doing for the past three years).

With a Ph.D. Summa Cum Laude from the University of Oregon, a successful 20-year career in educational research and program evaluation, and 18 years as a full-time mom actively engaged in her community, Elizabeth has a gift for sizing up problems, getting things done, and done right. She’ll be a strong voice of results-driven common sense in Congress—a bold force that will stand up for the true values and interests of the people of the 6 th Congressional District. Her platform includes:

Strong Families (through good jobs, lower taxes, health care quality, access & choice, & education NOT indoctrination);

Strong Communities (through support for military & law enforcement, protection of 1 st and 2 nd Amendment rights, & tackling root causes of homelessness);

and Strong Country (through border security, common sense immigration/deportation policy, & proof of citizenship to vote).

You can find more information, get involved, and/or donate at Elizabeth’s website:

Message from Alisha Beeler

I have lived or worked in the 26th most of my life. I did move around as a kid because my dad was Navy. I lived in Mason county, but worked in Port Orchard for about 10 years. I am running because I am tired of only having one Representative working for the 26th. We need someone who can bring morality and values and not bend on them to fit the progressive agenda. I’m running because I’m not a politician but am educated enough that I can go in and affect change. I am a Policy nerd and am now working on my PhD in public policy.

Taxes are my number one issue. They are taxing us into oblivion. I will not vote for any tax increase. Ever. We have a surplus and they still continue to pass increases. Traffic issues on 16 and 3 need to be addressed now. I’m concerned with the legislature taking away parental rights. The gun laws have to stop. The 2nd amendment guarantees us certain rights and those should not be infringed. I also do not want to give away our rights to privacy, which my opponent is pushing for by giving access to toll cameras and red light cameras. It unacceptable to me.

Mostly, I don’t want to lose my beloved home to the liberal agenda that is spreading like wildfire. My opponent seems to be flexible on how she votes and has voted for tax increases and other bills that do not align with republican values. I am a conservative republican, loud and proud!


Dates to Remember
  • Mar 9th - SSRW Monthly Meeting
  • Mar 14th - Candace Owens at the Roxy
  • Mar 21st - Kitsap County Republican Caucus
Washington State Primary

Don't forget to vote for President Trump in the Primary. We need to let the country know that he is very popular in this state.